Telehealth Program

ehealthlogo.jpgThe Alabama Public Health Telehealth Network has several telehealth projects and plans to deploy additional telehealth carts to county health departments as collaborative agreements are established with medical providers. Review the Information and Resources below and contact us if you are interested to discuss how telehealth might be beneficial for your program.

Michael Smith - Teleheath Director (334) 206-5631;

Jessica Hardy - Telehealth Network Consultant (334) 206-5665;

APH Telehealth Videos/News Clips

APH Telehealth Calendar

The Telehealth Calendar is for ADPH employees and ADPH collaborating partners so they can view telehealth clinics as they are scheduled at County Health Departments. If you are not an ADPH employee or telehealth collaborating partner, you will not have access to this Calendar.

ADPH Telehealth Calendar

Additional APH Telehealth Information/Articles

Southeast States and Telemedicine

Additional Resources

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