Vending Machines

Implementing a healthy vending machine program at work or in other locations can be an effective strategy in increasing access to healthy food and beverages. Below are some resources to assist you in your efforts.

Good Choice LogoThe "Good Choice" logo is used to identify snacks in a vending machine that meet the nutrition standards for the AHVMP. It may not be used with other nutrition vending standards. It is an attractive visual with a positive message that makes it easy to select healthy snacks and beverages. Downloadable "Good Choice" Stickers are available.

ADPH encourages healthy options in vending machines to assist with leading a healthier lifestyle. To learn about implementing healthy vending machines and stores in schools, visit School Nutrition.

Who is Using the Alabama Healthy Vending Machine Program?

Several organizations in Alabama offer healthier options in their vending machines. Download the current map.

Vending Machine Toolkit

Please answer a few questions so that we may know what type of organization is utilizing the toolkit. Once you have completed the following access form, you will be directed to a page that contains implementation tools and high-resolution "Good Choice" resources, including the flyer below, available to either print yourselves or take to a professional printer for use in your workplace.

FDA Finalizes Menu, Vending Machine Calorie Labeling Rules

The FDA has finalized the calorie labeling rules for standard menu items in restaurants and retail food establishments, as well as for food sold in vending machines. You can see the final rules below:

Page last updated: August 11, 2017