Nutrition Education

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If you are an Alabama WIC participant or the parent/caregiver of an Alabama WIC participant, you can now earn nutrition education (SNE) credit for completing lessons online. Go to, and follow these easy steps to create an account and complete a lesson. You will need your Family ID #, agency name, and clinic name. Your Family ID # and clinic name are found on your orange WIC ID folder. The agency name is the name of the Public Health District where your WIC clinic is located. To find the name of the Public Health District, look up the county where your WIC clinic is located on the Public Health Districts Map.

Easy Steps

Follow these easy steps to do your nutrition education online at

1. Go to
2. Click “Start Here” to create an account.
3. Click “Start A New Lesson.”
4. Choose a lesson from one of 5 categories.
5. Complete the lesson.
6. Fill out the survey and click CONTINUE to get credit for your lesson. Your WIC clinic will automatically be notified.
7. Do NOT print or email your certificate on the next screen. Click CONTINUE to continue with a new lesson or logout.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many online lessons do I need to complete to get credit for an SNE visit?
    To get credit, you only need to complete one lesson prior to your next pick-up date.
  • Do I need to complete a specific online lesson?
    You can select any lesson that interests you from one of 5 categories that meets your needs: Pregnant Women, Infants, Children Ages 1-5, Family, Parents
  • Can I complete more than one online lesson?
    Yes. You can complete as many lessons as you want. However, you only need to complete one lesson prior to your next pick-up date.
  • What should I do if is not working properly or if I am unable to pull up my account information?
    Contact the wichealth support team by clicking on the blue Help tab in the upper left hand corner of every page throughout wichealth. Here you can either chat with the wichealth support team member when available, or submit a request form at anytime. Provide your family ID # if you are having difficulty pulling up your account information. All requests are answered within 24 hours.

Page last updated: October 20, 2017