Tips From Former Smokers®

Former SmokerThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tobacco education campaign, Tips From Former Smokers®, profiles real people—not actors—who are living with serious long-term health effects due to smoking and secondhand smoke exposure. Campaign ads have featured people living with stomas, lung cancer, amputations, and other serious health conditions as a result of their smoking.

ADPH held a satellite news conference featuring Tips From Former Smokers® Spokesperson Tiffany, A Successful Quitter, State Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris, and the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network's Ginny Campbell.

News Conference: Tips From Former Smokers® Campaign Encourages Alabamians to Quit

Broadcast Date: May 23, 2018

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Also watch our Stop the Smoke Interview with Tiffany.

For more information, contact Julie Hare, Cessation Coordinator, Tobacco Prevention and Control Branch at (334) 206-3830.

Never Too Late to Quit

Quitting smoking now improves your health and reduces your risk of heart disease, cancer, lung disease, and other smoking-related illnesses. Learn more about the Alabama Tobacco Quitline, free for Alabama residents.


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