Bureau of PPS

The Bureau of Prevention, Promotion, and Support manages programs related to chronic disease prevention, cancer prevention, disability prevention, communications and health marketing, health education, public information, risk communication, risk surveillance, worksite wellness, and video communications and distance learning.

The Bureau is comprised of four divisions:

Chronic Disease Division

  • Cardiovascular and Stroke Health
  • Diabetes Prevention and Control Branch
  • Risk Surveillance
  • Alabama Strategic Alliance for Health Program
  • Alabama Healthy Communities Program
  • Worksite Wellness

Behavioral Health Division

  • Injury Prevention Branch
  • Alabama Child Death Review System
  • FDA Tobacco Retail Inspection Program
  • Statewide Tobacco Control Branch
  • Community Tobacco Prevention Branch

Health Communications Division

  • Digital Media Branch
  • Public Information Branch

Video Communications and Distance Learning Division

  • Production
  • Satellite
  • Broadcast
  • Internet
  • Emergency Response
  • Video Conferencing

Page last updated: July 23, 2018