Online Data System

This web page is for the use of our new Online Data Reporting System, which is to be used only for 2008 cases and later. This is a nationwide system developed by the MCH National Center for Child Death Review with input from many state CDR programs, including Alabama. Staff at the national level will only be able to access our aggregate, de-identified data for trend analysis, report generation, etc. All confidential information and identifying data for individual cases will still be strictly protected and only available to authorized users at the local level (for their jurisdiction's cases only) and to ACDRS staff at the State Office.

On August 27, 2008, ACDRS Director Richard Burleson and Teri Covington, Director of the National MCH Center for Child Death Review, conducted a live webcast to train ACDRS Team members statewide on the new data reporting forms and data collection system to be used for all child deaths in Alabama from 2008 forward. View this webcast online at any time.

Below you will find a link to the system login and .pdf files of the User Manual and the paper version of the current Case Report form.

Login to the CDR Database

You must contact the ACDRS State Office for your Username and Password to access the new system and to receive your first cases under this new process.

For login information or to ask any questions about the new system, please call (334) 206-2953 or email us.

Page last updated: July 9, 2019