Correctional Facilities

The Alabama Department of Public Health recommends that correctional facilities follow the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in screening, diagnosing and treating for COVID-19, just as in the local community. This includes the use of universal precautions by health care personnel, laboratory testing, and isolation and appropriate treatment of clinically ill patients, including transport to community hospitals for advanced treatment when necessary.

CDC guidance for the best practices concerning COVID-19 is still rapidly evolving. Visit the CDC for infection prevention and control recommendations and additional information for healthcare personnel.

Law Enforcement Personnel

Law enforcement personnel who must make contact with individuals suspected or confirmed of having COVID-19 should follow the CDC’s Interim Guidance for EMS.

Pandemic Plans

Many correctional systems have developed pandemic flu plans. Guidance and tools developed for pandemic influenza planning and preparedness can be readily adapted to COVID-19 and revised as we learn more about this disease. The Federal Bureau of Prisons has a seasonal influenza plan. See Modules 1-4 of the Pandemic Influenza Plan.

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Page last updated: April 14, 2020